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Artful Apparel
Hand Weaving Studio and Shop

232 High Street, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

facebook: Artful Apparel & More,   www.artfulapparel.net

Welcome to my studio and shop. Artful Apparel is at home in an historic building on the main street of Wisconsin's third oldest city; Mineral Point, settled in 1827. Our building is made of the rugged limestone that the Cornish used here throughout the 1800's. The ancient craft of hand-weaving, set in this unique space, creates the gestalt "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" one feels on entering the shop. I hand-dye natural fiber yarns, weave the fabric, then cut and sew individually designed garments on the premises. I am glad to demonstrate how the looms work anytime they are "dressed" with fabric in progress, which is almost always. We also carry willow sculpture and baskets, jewelry, prints, cashmere scarves, felted purses and woven rugs.

My artist's bio is available on the "Hand Woven Work" page.

Mineral Point is nestled in the bucolic "driftless" (where the glaciers didn't drift) southwest region of Wisonsin. We have some really nice historic lodging, easy walking and unique shops and galleries; for more information about what Mineral Point has to offer visit Mineral Point.com

Thank you for visiting my site, Kathleen Nutter