About Artful Apparel & More ~ The Shop / Studio and Weaver

located at 232 High St, Mineral Point, WI.

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Color Gallery of Skylines Classic Hat and Scarfs Sets     In the Studio / Shop   Historic 232 High St

Mineral Point was featured on this excellent Public Telivision show, Around the Corner with John McGivern, check for Artful Apparel at about 8:30 minutes.

Around the Corner

with John McGivern. 

Artful Apparel Door.        232 High St, 2012.      232 HighSt. ~1900

   Artful Apparel's Door.         232 High St, 2012.               232 High St, ~ 1900.

Artful Apparel and More is the studio- shop.  The shop features the hand-woven line "Skylines" by proprietress weaver, Kathleen Nutter.  Established July of 2012, the shop will be expanding to include works of many additional artisans.  Currently we are proud to carry giclee prints by Mary Barnes-Gingrich and hand-woven rugs, pillows, afghans and more by Judith Siegel.

We look forward to historic restoration of the building and opening at ground level in 2015.  Currently the studio/ shop is in the upper flat where Kathleen hand dyes natural fiber yarns for the garments.  She designs, weaves fabrics, cuts and sews on the premises and is always glad to demonstrate what is in progress on a given day.  If you are interested in seeing a specific part of the process please call ahead of time, it is likely that it can be arranged.

A career weaver since 1984, Kathleen has held accounts with innumerable galleries and boutiques, attended several dozen juried art fairs from Minnesota to New York and was a member of The Madison Arts Co-op from '85-'93.  Galleries that currently carry her chenille scarves and hats are listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Kathleen received her degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2009.  The studies broadened her design sensibilities and greatly inspired her fiber work as well as nurturing her environmental interests and appreciation of architecture.

Mineral Point is a perfect home for the weaver. Rich in history and architectural projects as well as outstanding in it's artisan community, Mineral Point has enriched her life imeasurably and she looks forward to using Artful Apparel to enrich the community in return.


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