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Studio East Wall, Loom, Garments       Judith Siegel's hand-woven wool rugs, afghans pillows and more.      Studio, Patron

Studio West Wall       Checking Fabric in Mirror       Iris Skirt and Cardigan Set

  Pori Cross on Warping Board   The hat and scarf that will come of this warp.   New to old warp, tied on ends  


         Serging a purple rayon chenille hat, made from the warp on the warping board, above.    Second stage of sewing the purple hat.     Finished purple hat.

Mary Barnes-Gingrich, "Winter", from a series of Violins she painted for the Chicago Symphony, to the left is "Blue Mounds" from her Wisconsin Landscape series. Mary Barnes-Ginrich "Last Light"  Vest, cottons and silks.

The giclee prints above are by painter Mary Barnes-Gingrich.    

   Peach Set          Weaving  Demo           Priestess Cardigan

          Everthing Manteau, Peacock               Blue warp chains

    Stacks of small scarves      Black and White Everything Manteau     Blue Weaving a blue scarf

   Pori Cross on the loom.         Copperfield set           Checking out Eta, displaying the peach set.

                 Artful Apparel is in the upper flat.  We would love to see you.

                       232 High St, where we are located.

Please see the Historic Building page for the photo and a little info about upcoming restoration work on our building.