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     This page provides an overview of the weaving process and materials used to produce Skylines hats and scarves.  A 6 minute video provides more detail, click here for the video, use the back button to return after viewing.

     Items are woven of rayon chenille.  Rayon is a fiber made of processed wood pulp and chenille is a style of yarn, chenille means caterpillar.  Warp is the yarn running from the front of the loom to the back.  Weft is yarn the weaver inserts using a shuttle, moving from side to side.  Each item is unique, in part due to weft variations per warp.  To learn how this may affect orders please click here, or scroll to the bottom of this page.











First select the color family to create a pattern with. Studio Shelf Filled With Yarn
Warp is wound on a warping board.  It is typically 14 yards long.  Winding warp on a warping board.
The color pattern of the fabric is established during this process. The pattern is organized and secured by tying it into one inch wide groups.  This warp will be 8 1/2 inches wide.  It will be woven into Dress size scarves and fabric for several hats. One inch bundles of warp at the pori cross.

Warp is removed from the warping board by tieing and  chaining it.

Chaining the warp.
The end of the last warp is cut off the loom. Cutting off previous warp.
The new purple warp is tied onto the ends of the previous warp. New warp tied on.
Warp was wound onto the back bar, the ends were tied to the front bar, and weaving begins.  The weft color is changed per scarf and hat, so each warp can yeild several different shades. Weaving begins.
As fabric is woven it will be pulled forward and wound onto the front bar.  About five inches of warp is left unwoven between scarves, it will be the fringe of the scarves. Front bar with fabric.
Harnesses hold the heddles, the rigid vertical pieces.  This is a 4 harness jack loom.  The weaver's feet press down pedals which raise harnesses so alternating warp threads are raised.  The opening is called a shed.  The shuttle sends the weft through the shed and the beater bar is brought forward.  This fabric is woven at 13 weft shots to produce one inch of fabric length. Raised harness and the shed.
All of the warp has been woven and is cut free from the loom. Cutting off new warp.
The fabric is handwashed and dried. Drying fabric.
Hat fabric is cut and tailored.  This Purple Mauve set was woven with "Amethyst" weft.  The hat style is Classic. Finished Hat and Scarf Set.
This Purple Mauve set was woven with "Raisin" weft.  The hat style is Scrunchie. Raisin Set.
Here;  another example of color variation within one color series (warp).  Here we see Priestess color series.  From left to right scarves were woven with "Adobe", "Wild Chestnut" and "Purple Passion" weft yarn.  Because each item is unique, when Priestess/ Adobe, for example, is ordered another very similar scarf from the Priestess color series will be shipped.  The variation between these colors (right) is too great to automatically substitute one for the other.  If a very similar color is not available the buyer will be contacted and offered the current closest color. Priestess Scarves Weft Variations.

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